How to Decorate a Blue Beach Wedding

If you are preparing for your wedding on the beach, probably you’ll make blue as the dominant color in your wedding decoration and your thought is definitely seconded. Navy, turquoise, tiffany blue, electric  blue, teal, dusky blue, baby blue, cornflower blue, any of the blue shades is one of the best beach wedding colors because it reminds us of the majestic and stunning view of ocean.

2016.05.30 blue beach wedding

Well, you decided to use blue as the main color and the next thing you need to figure out is to how to use this color throughout the wedding. Luckily, we’ve gotten some ideas for you.

Blue bridesmaid dresses: it’s not that hard to find some stunning bridesmaid dresses in the blue shades.
Table numbers: make your table numbering in bright blue and good for your guests too.
Wedding arch: decorate the arch with fabrics of different shades of blue.
Wedding cake: not only yummy but also dreamy.
Centerpiece: use something blue to accent bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

The blue color not only adds some fresh air to your wedding decor, it’ll perfectly combine with a white wedding dress and the color of sand under your feet.

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