Country Wedding Idea: Bridesmaid Dresses + Boots

For a country themed wedding, there’s an effective to highlight and enhance the rustic feels, i.e. pairing bridesmaid dresses with boots. Today, we’re going to tell 4 bridesmaid dress & boots combo ideas for your inspirations.

Burgundy Dress + Brown Boots
Burgundy is actually an elegant color shade but when dresses in this color are teamed with brown boots, bang, you’re getting the country style you want for your wedding.

2016.05.10 burgundy red

Mismatched Pink Shades + Boots
No one will relate the candy and pastel pinks to country or rustic style but with the help of khaki and brown leather boots, this combo will present a unique country style fashion.

2016.05.10 mismatched pink

Navy Blue + Mismatched Boots
Navy Blue is one of the most popular colors for all kinds of weddings. To make this color work better for a country styled wedding, you just need to ask your bridesmaids pair their dresses with dark colored boots.

2016.05.10 navy blue

Bright Red + Brown Boots
Red is a bold but tempting color for weddings. It’s passionate, bright and stands out from the rest on the wedding. If you want to introduce this passionate feel into a country wedding, ask your bridesmaids to put on boots. This combo still do the trick.

2016.05.10 red

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