4 Stunning Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress Color Palettes

As we’re on the way to pursue freedom, easy and casual lifestyle, relaxed state of mind, more and more brides love the incorporate Bohemian elements into their wedding planning, to make their big day less stressed and more fun. Today we’ve come up with 4 stunning color palettes for bridesmaid dresses which of course, account for a big part for the wedding look.

Different Shades of Blush
Choose Bohemian styles dresses in blush shades, such as candy pink, pearl pink, pale pink and surprise, they turn out to add a bit of elegance to the free Bohemian style.

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Different Shades of Purple
Purple is regarded as an elegant and romantic color but believe it or not, mix different shades of purple and they will give you a romantic Bohemian wedding look. Shades to apply include light lavender, lilac and blush lavender.

2016.05.18 Bohemian-Wedding-Ideas-Rustic-Romantic-Lace-Covered-Pink-Tone-Bohemian-Bridesmaid-Dresses

Mix Vibrant & Pastel Colors
Mix lavender, light pink, pale coral, bright sky blue, cornflower blue and blush, you’ll have a Bohemian wedding look of the most colors.

2016.05.18 pastel-bridesmaid-dresses4_green-wedding-shoes

White & Floral Will Do the Trick Too
Choose some white dresses of typical Bohemian features, such as spaghetti straps, floral laces, loose fit, wide sleeves and mix one or two floral dresses, and you’ll have the most relaxed Bohemian wedding look.

2016.05.18 theknot bohemian bridesmaid dresses

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