4 Best Colors for Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re planning a beach wedding and thinking about what color to choose for bridesmaid dresses, don’t limit yourself to the typical nautical shade, navy blue. Actually, you have more other smart choices which will infuse more style and vibrancy to your wedding look.

Light blue. Don’t worry, this color can make full use of the sea water as background and create a picturesque scene.

2016.05.20 light sky blue

Dark teal blue. A great alternative to navy blue. This color blends some green hue, making these dresses Bohemian and nautical at the same time.

Beach beauties ... Jessica Coates poses for a photo with her bridesmaids at Coogee.

Light yellow. No kidding, the light yellow bridesmaid dresses not only look stunning with the white bridal gown. They also bring a sweet joyful feel.

2016.05.20 yellow

Coral pink. Set the blue sea water as a background, bridesmaids in coral dresses add more feminine charm to the wedding look.

2016.06.20 coral pink


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