18 Ways To Throw A Rustic Country Wedding

Planning a rustic country wedding? Great because we’ve done some researches and rounded up some great ideas for you to decorate a fabulous country wedding, from invitations, to bridesmaids, to decorations.

2016.05.30 country wedding decoration

  1. First, send out invitations with country embellishment, such as wild flower or burlap.
  2. Get married near or in an actual barn: it’ll save you a lot from decorations.
  3. Have your wedding party arrive via hayride: horses and hays, so country.
  4. Create a rustic chandelier from old mason jars: don’t underrate the charm of mason jars; they allow for a wide usage.
  5. Pick a pair of rustic brown boots and decorate them with blue fabric flowers.
  6. Create a bouquet of your favorite wild flowers.
  7. Add the groom’s boutonniere to a cowboy hat.
  8. Your bridesmaids can wear rigid leather boots too.
  9. Find an adorable country dress for your flower girl. Add burlap to the dress will be a great idea.
  10. Burlap for a homemade ring bearer, also a great try.
  11. Hang charming mason jars as row markers. Told you, there’s a lot ways to use mason jars.
  12. And for the reception, turn old mason jars into wine glasses.
  13. You can also decorate the his and hers chairs with a lasso for added charm.
  14. And enhance your wedding cake with a country themed cake topper.
  15. Cake cutters with a lasso bow are another easy way to add flair.
  16. Use mason jars whenever you can. They are great for any sort of decoration, especially centerpieces.
  17. Fresh sunflowers paired with twinkle lights can easily add natural elegance.
  18. You can also create a chic country card holder.