Maxi Dress for Stars’ style

The heat of the summer, how can be less sunny beach? Dare to wear a bikini? Don’t be petrified, elegant long skirt can be slim, and no less sexy swimsuits, wearing out their own STYLE. Now recommended 20 dress for you, guaranteed to make you sparkle match-heads with a hundred percent!
Paris Hilton abstract print dress is demure and atmospheric.
Rachel Zoe black shoulder length dress, shoulder design to make people’s eyes light up, decorations on his chest, stylish and attractive.

Alessandria Ambrosio color mosaic dress and color makes people not only youth can also disseminate unique charm.
Zoe Saldana stitching lace dress, pierced design vintage gowns plus a unique fashion sense.
Vanessa Hudgens red floor length skirt, with a black shoulder bag and a black scarf, all highlights in the streets.

Milly Cyrus white stomacher dress black leather jackets, motorcycle punk with noble and rich and perfect remix.

Buying Tips of Maxi Dress by Fashion Talent


Alice&Olivia cashew flowers long sleeve red dress
Club Monaco white suspenders long dress

Summer vacation may not necessarily want to vest and shorts or short skirts, going there on holiday relaxing feeling, simple flower Maxi Dress trailing a long skirt to shoot. Riding the hot wave of 70, when representatives of both a hippie and Bohemian Maxi Dress in national color, resonant capture of fashion this season.

Maxi Dress trailing a long skirt craze this season, not everyone in the customary ornate tail of red carpet evening dress, but more lithe simplicity of dress attire. This kind of skirt trim or as exaggerated as evening wear long skirts, but less fancy decorations such as beads, most are printed with colorful flower patterns or ruffles, and material is thin, such as chiffon, silk or knitted Jersey fabric. 70 sets of a hippie free room, reference represents the free-girl of the year love Gypsy Bohemian Look Bohemian dress. Maxi Dress is one of the most popular costumes, make it 70’s most iconic costumes.
Eden Brown pattern strap dress
Marc Jacobs red one-shoulder long dress

Way to brand the blitz

To list which brands have launched Maxi Dress this season, I am afraid, endless pages word, it can be said almost all brands will always be one or two this season, both wide and narrow the net color flowers, or skirts Maxi Skirt. Representatives of this season, the first state in recent years D&G. Brand with a garden party theme this season, fashion as a series of elegant flower dress bow teaches impressed, Maxi Dress with the highest exposure this season. Outset 70 routes this season Marc Jacobs has designed a variety of long skirts. Red as the dominant tone, adorned with floral or striped pattern, plus one shoulder or one-shoulder design adds a retro taste. Olivier Theyskens at the helm this season and well known theory has also long skirts, simple collection of line design, decorated with geometric patterns or pink flower pattern, consistent brand minimalist style.
Quicksilver white patterned Tube Dress
Theory black and white patterned vest dress

Bogey put national mounted

Although national wind of nostalgia, but avoid Full Gear-head matching method, namely Maxi Dress and wide-brimmed straw hat, scarf, gold earrings, necklace, bracelet with e same time, transform themselves into a gypsy girl. Simple flower dress is lined with flat-bottom boat Zheng sandals, or lining, two accessories which are more than adequate, more trendy.

Always Fashion-Maxi Dress Hot Sale Now!

Since summer, the MAXI DRESS is hot within the T stage and street since summer.It’s fashion fever has been based until autumn/winter.MAXI DRESS, in fact this is the major brand design burning spots in the last few quarters. Made of pure cotton, mercerized cotton, velvet, soft and comfortable, hanging pendant-fitting fabrics, with the clean lines-modified contour, this “soup noodles” but can help you to easily match a modish gown looks Oh!


Tie dye greys cotton dress with her retro-punk book match. Cool in suede leather open-toe boots is this season’s hot spot


-Kate Beckinsale Kate flounces fitted bodice and skirt and ankle full of feminine harmony with synergies in color cross with flat sandals.

This season’s maxi dress also appeared in the big-brand new


This season’s maxi dress also appears in the works of famous brands, most of which are this solid color style. Materials, soft and comfortable cotton, mercerized cotton, velvet, hanging pendant-fitting fabrics. Mostly straight on profile, make the waist look very slender overall temperament is very tough. In addition a-profile, skirts spread out style, elegant retro, but the reader avoids such weak lower body proportions.

maxi dress

Black, Gray, nude, blue are the fundamental colors this season. Straight cotton Maxi skirt mirrors the highest rate on the streets. Upper body can be used with skin vest, solid color t-shirt, loose shirt, try not to get too stiff matched. Also try not to get as well fancy. Otherwise it is top-heavy. Want to waste must be equipped with an extremely good waist band. (These days, who’s a big waist wide body who strongly disapproved) heavyweight indispensable accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, or solid color match will make the whole look very pale.


Mature, you might as well choose a heavy floral pattern, as long as the color of calm, convergent profile, against the very qualities. Hermes blanket skirt is really pleasant company indeed wear while not high, it’s a material exploration.


Light tulle was utilized for interpretation of the Maxi skirt this season. Robust color, embroidery and layers of flowing gowns, beautiful.